Cirrus Hosting now offers parallel Plesk 12.

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Cirrus hosting that is a leading supplier of cloud hosting, Canadian VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. They have made an announcement that Parallels Plesk 12 web hosting’s control panel, would be obtainable on all the virtual plans of server hosting that is inclusive of Linux VPS and Windows VPS. The upgrading to Plesk 12 is inclusive of various new enhancements and features that aim at improving the workflows of website hosting for the server resellers, clients and administrators.

The most popular and well renowned content management system on the internet at all times is Word Press. The Plesk 12 introduces the toolkit of Word Press, which provides a solitary point of entrance for the management of various Word Press installations. This includes the ability to remove or add the Word Press installations easily, and activate, manage or deactivate the themes and plug-in. This toolkit works with both the non-APS and APS Word Press installations. In addition, the Plesk 12 introduces various security enhancements, inclusive of security checking’s, and this application security best works with the functionality of rollback.

Cirrus Hosting offers a wide-ranging variety of virtual personal server solutions which provide full root access, hardware independence and instant provisioning with fully redundant infrastructure, failover and also single click installations of numerous applications. All the Cirrus Hosting fundamental personal server plans are located in Canada and hosted in Cirrus Hostings in the three area data center locations in Toronto.

The Plesk 12 is a reception update, that offers a wide array of exciting and great features which further enhances our fundamental/virtual server hosting plans, said Ali Mirdamadi, the CEO and President of Cirrus. Lots of our customers host various Word Press sites; additionally the Word Press toolkit to Plesk would augment the usefulness of Word Press management and hosting workflows for clients, resellers and administrators likewise.

Other highlights of usability brought to Cirrus Hosting VPS plans by the Parallels Plesk 12 include noteworthy improvements in order to report the functionality of management. In addition of the cell phone friendly receptive design in the administration and client interface, and improved multiple language support.

Word Press hosting is not the only region where the safety and security have been stashed up. The spam protection is now inclusive of the ability to put off the mails from individual domain, Dovecot mail server support along with email filtering based and server and protection from the outgoing spam.

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National Security Agency claims Linux Journal to be an extremist forum

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SEO Perfect CompanyAccording to the United States’ National Security Agency which is commonly known as NSA claimed and accused the Linux community website which is used by the several Linux users known as the ‘Linux Journal’ to be an ‘extremist forum’ under the XKeyscore Program which is held by the United States’ National Security Agency while the users of that Linux Journal is stated to be so called extremist according to a source.

The source code that was published by the ARD using PhotonVPS Linux VPS, German communal broadcaster recognized and acknowledged a minimum of two German ‘Tor Directory Authority servers,’ the one being located at the Berlin while the other is located at the Nuremberg are being kept under a close watch by the United States’ National Security Agency.

Project Tor is an independent and self regulatory, anonymous, open sourced software tool as well as browsing software which directs the traffic all the way through its free of charge, global, volunteer set of connections to cover up the locations usage of the users from the surveillance system.

According to the ARD report it is indicated that the Tor servers of the Germans are two of the rest of the servers that National Security Agency has kept its target on for supervision and observation under this XKeyscore program scheme. The codes refer to a particular group of ip addresses under the Tor Directory Authority which National Security Agency is keeping a close watch on.

The XKeyscore Program which is undertaken by the National Security Agency is a collection cum analysis application which was also one of the surveillance programs which was revealed in the documents that was leaked by Edward Snowden who was the previous NSA contractor as well as whistleblower in the last year. The source code of the XKeyscore regulations refer to the certain terms such as ‘Amnesiac Incogneto Live System’, or ‘TAILs’ along with either one of the abbreviations which are ‘USB’, ‘linux’, ‘secure desktop’, ‘CD’, ‘truecrypt’, ‘IRC’, and also ‘Tor’ which fall under the category of search items that will pinpoint the track and follow the IP address of the human being performing the search.

XKeyscore Program’s source code is published for the first time in this year which exposes not only the German confidential software clients but it also reveals the privacy software users all through the world, especially in the Australia, UK, the US, Canada and New Zealand, who are being followed and tracked by the National Security Agency.

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Tips for a Free Web Host

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For all beginners the best thing is to start with a free web host. But of course, because it’s free it means that you won’t get much and there are things that you will need to look out for some things, just like ads, amount of web space and FTP access.

When I was starting my own website, I also used a free hosting server and that time there weren’t any without ads. Today you can find free hosting with no ads. The ads actually are covering the fee for you in order to get the hosting for free. They usually tell you to put banners on your page, the others will put a pop up ads that will show while a page is loading or advertising frame. Everyone hates when there are ads, even me and you, maybe some hate the pop-ups and other the banners, however the advertising is one of the things that makes the visitors to go away and never come back. As I said, these days there are free hosts that are ads free, find them.

Amount of web space and FTP access

So you probably wonder is free hosting web space enough for your website, yes it can be. Most sites use around 5 MB web spaces, maybe it seems a small amount but it is not. With 5MB you can have around 150 web pages, but all depends on how many pictures, videos, sounds and other files the page is using. I, myself, was using 5MB of web space for 100 page website with a good amount of different types of files.

Some free hosting will allow you to design your page with their online site builder. This is very good for beginners. With their free online website builder you will be limited to the building, limited temples, words design and other stuff.

FTP, this is the most common method used to transfer files from the computer to your web host’s computer in order to be viewed by everyone in the world.

In order to get the most trusted free web hosting think about these things while you are searching for one and don’t trust advertisements about free hosting. Open your eyes wide because most of them can trick you and just waste your time in building and In the end you won’t be able to publish your website.

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Three Features Your Web Hosting Company Should Offer You

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SEO Perfect CompanyA web hosting company is expected to provide the technical infrastructure needed to launch a website. You should get a domain, additional domain support, emails, a control panel and a content management system among others. These are the basic features and services that one expects from a web hosting company. Beyond these basics, there are some more features that should be in the plan offered by your web hosting company.

Website Templates

A webhost should offer you website templates and that would be for free. Some webhosts have hundreds of website templates while some have a few dozen. Regardless of how many are being offered, you should get this facility. Not every company likes to use free website templates to develop their web design but having a set of templates can help you to understand the kind of designs that exist out there, to have a basic idea of what you like and don’t like and accordingly you can develop your own website design. Some website templates can be impressive enough to convince you to use that. However, it must be noted that the website templates offered by your web hosting company shouldn’t just be copies of what is already out there in the public domain. If those website templates can be downloaded or viewed on Google then it is hardly a service being offered by the web hosting company.

Website Builder

There are website builders that most web hosting companies offer today. Website builders are basically software that help you to craft the web design, plan the layout and the sitemap, define the navigation and create the entire blueprint of what content goes where and what kind of animation, graphic or audiovisual content would be placed at different places on every webpage. A website builder can make your entire task of developing a website a cakewalk. Not every website builder is of impeccable quality and you need your webhost to offer you the best.

Responsive Web Design

A very important requisite in these times is a responsive web design. A responsive web design is one that would fit onto a laptop screen, a desktop and onto a mobile device with breathtaking ease and perfection. The fonts, the layout, the entire website will change its dimensions and tweak itself to fit into smaller screens or larger screens depending on the browser that is being used. A web hosting company should support responsive web design.

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Operating system and Price of the Web Host

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I was thinking to sell web space and I was having multiple domains and sub domains hosted on my account. If you want to do the same you will need to find out the amount that the hosting company will charge for it.

Web Server

What do you think is the type of operating system and server important? Should you choose Linux or Windows Web Hosting package?

Usually most of the people are using a web host that is based on UNIX system like Linux, Open BSD or FreeBSD. You will probably experience less compatibility issues with those I was able to find a guide available on the internet for configuring that kind of system, and when I needed help it was much easier to find one. I am using Linux, but I can say from my point of view if you want a Windows server is if you are running Windows specific program something like ASP scripts. Even then it will be better to look for PHP-equivalent and also using UNIX-based system.

Pricing and Payment Plans

I was wondering if I need to say this, but the price is the factor too. You will realize that most of the times you will get what are you paying for and of course the expensive hosts are one of the best. With bigger fee, you will get better hosting package for sure.

By getting a web host with the annual payment plan, you will get a cheaper rate than if you get a monthly plan. For the beginning is best to pay monthly and to see how the host is doing. If you see that the host is doing smoothly than is the time to change your plan into annual. When paying monthly the advantage is easy to change the host if it doesn’t meet the requirements.

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Find the trusting hosting company

Hosting Tips 19 October 2012 | 0 Comments

When choosing a web hosting or PhotonVPS you will need to find out about the speed of access. When I started a website because I was so excited I wasn’t looking for important things that a host must have and I needed to find a new one. The next time I was searching, I paid a lot of attention to the speed of access. So, my advice for those who want to get a host is to look for at least 99.5% or higher uptime, a time when it is functional. Even 99% is a low percentage to go with. Without any guarantee the web host will not have enough to ensure that the servers are running all the time.

Data Transfer and Disk space

Data transfer, or called traffic and bandwidth, is the amount of the bytes transferred when visitors are browsing your site. Look for a hosting that will give you good amount of data transfer.

Look out for “unlimited disk space” scams, which today are offered by the new companies. The new websites that do not have videos or music need less then 20MB of web space. If the host tempts you with more than 100MB or unlimited space, you should know that you are unlikely to use all that space so don’t put the 100MB as a factor when purchasing a hosting server. The same company that is giving that offer is well aware of the same thing; they use it to trick you to buy their hosting offer. For example, there was a website with 400 pages and it used only 18MB for all its pages and other files.

Technical support

Find a hosting company that gives technical support 24 hours a day. 7 days a week and all year without. Plus a good thing is to find one that will give support on weekends and public holidays. Sometimes things can go wrong when you don’t expect. Don’t trust advertises that has 24/7 support, many cases they are a lie. To be sure you can test them by sending them email at midnight, weekends (especially at nights) and on holidays and wait to see how long will it take them to respond. Also see what the answer of the email is, is it a good and helpful answer or the people behind the support team are just sales people that don’t know anything about fixing problems.

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Look for SSL, Email and Control Panel When Choosing a Host

Hosting Tips 27 June 2012 | 0 Comments

When I was shopping for a host for my domain it was very easy for me. I knew what I was looking for, what I actually need, what should my host need to have. The satisfaction blows my mind, I achieved what I wanted and my website is going smoothly without any problem. I am not a person to keep that just for myself; I am going to share with you.

SSL (secure server)

When looking for a host that will support, a website for selling goods or services you will need to see if the server will let you get SSL certification. This means that the costumers will be able to shop at your website without getting hurt and they will know that their most important information won’t be stolen. You have probable seen on other websites, the address that begins with “https:// is secured and not “http://”. Getting an SSL can cost you additional fee or it can be part of the hosting package, so before getting a host find out if you need to pay extra for the SSL. If you are planning to collect credit card payment, then you will definitely need a secure server.

Email and Autoresponders

When hosting a website you would like to have an email address with your own domain name, I needed one too, so the next thing I searched in the package deal is offering one. Will the server allows you to set up email you want and will that email is foreword to your current email address or will it be placed in a mailbox on the web hosting account. Also see if the hosting deal will allow to automatically reply to the sender using a present message, this is called Autoresponders.

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to manage different parts of your web account, and usually the control panel is called by other names by other hosts. First of all when choosing one you will need to be sure that is easy to use even that will allow adding, deleting, and managing the email addresses and you can change your account password from there. You probably don’t want to contact the support every time you want to make a change to your account.
All this can help you find a reliable hosting company and will make your website run smoothly.

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